Parsmedix services:


Cord blood stem cells collection

The best time of harvesting these pluripotent stem cells is at birth when a baby is just born. This blood is not taken from the baby. Rather, it is taken from the placenta, the organ that normally would have got discarded.

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Adult stem cells collection

New advance in medicine and biochemistry has enabled us to procure and store stem cells obtained from the adults.Anyone from age 12 and above can donate 80 ml of their blood. This blood will be thoroughly screened and only the best and most fit stem cells in your circulation will be selected and saved for you.

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Venepuncture Service

We are proud to offer our Venepuncture Services across the Nation.

We have fully trained, CRB checked experienced Phlebotomists all over the UK including Northern Ireland

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Training course

We are pleased to be able to provide the opportunity of teaching this priceless skill (cord blood phlebotomy) to those individuals who have alreday been certified as a competent phlebotomist.

We provide full training with hands-on experience and practical sessions.

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