Pregnancy Health Check

Blood Test, preferrably in the third Trimester.

This is a screening blood test to look for Anaemia, and assessment of the functions of the Kidneys, Liver, and the Thyroid glands. We also chek your health by looking at the level of your blood sugar and lipid profile (Cholesterol) which can show an overall outlook of cardiovascular health status.

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How do I book this test?

All you have to do is to fill out the form below and then make a payment for the test.

We will send you a confirmation email and shall book you a phlebotomist based on the date that you have requested or on a date as close to the date you have chosen as possible.


As this is a fasting blood test, the appointment will be arranged between 08:00 and 11:00 am.

You should refrain from eating or drinking nutritious liquids prior to your test. You can have your dinner the night before the test no later than 10pm. You can drink water up until one hour before the test.

Your encounter with our phlebotomist and the test should not be more than half an hour to 45 minutes but please allow one hour for this.


You can have this test done at home or your work place if you are still attending work during your pregnancy. there shall be no extra cost for this. Travel chargs re all included for all locations within the M25. For those who live outside the M25 our office should be contacted for a quote.

To proceed please fill out the form below and give as much information about your heath to us as possible.




Once you have submitted the form you will need to make a payment for this service. please see below for more details.

You will need to be fasting for this test.

Cost: £300 + VAT (Total: £360.00 incl.VAT) (This fee will also include the phlebotomist fee)

Payment options:

1- Pay the above sum with no fee by online bank to bank transfer. (Parsmedix Ltd, Barclays Bank account No. 53091295,Sort Code: 20-74-63)


2- Pay here by your Debit/Credit card (through PayPal) and accept a handling fee of 3.4% plus 20p added to your balance. (totalling to (£372.88 including VAT)

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