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Cord blood stem cells collection

We are Parsmedix Limited also known as pmx. Company House Registration No. 08105371

Parsmedix has the largest network of Cord Blood Phlebotomists all over the United Kingdom. We have covered even the most remote corners of the country and have successfully performed thousands of cord blood blood collections.

Parsmedix has been the number one choice of many clients across the nation including celebrities and renowned citizens. Our services have even been extended to foreign nationals who have chosen to give birth here and have their baby's cord blood stored in the UK. We have third party agreements with all the major UK Cell Banks.

With the advances of science and the progressive use of Stem cells in the treatment of blood disorders, genetic conditions and even cancers, more and more families choose to have their children's health ensured by having their stem cells stored for them for the rainy day!

One of the best times of harvesting these pluripotent stem cells is at birth when a baby is just born. This blood is not taken from the baby. it is taken from the placenta that normally would have been discarded.


The process is as follow:

Once you have chosen your cell bank, you sign up with us as your Phlebotomy company.

The first step is to fill out a little form online in which you provide us with your details and consent so that we act on your behalf at hospitals. you can see this form by clicking the above button or here: (Register Here).

The second step is to make a payment online for the service that you have requested. (Payment)

We normally give our clients two options when they book a phlebotomist with us. Either pick an option with up to 8 hours of waiting time included and pay £25 per hour after that, or we offer another option which we call the Unlimited option. Normally parents who are expecting their first baby go for the unlimited option because labour tends to take longer for the first baby. C- Section clients normally take the first option. to see a list of our differrent options in different parts of the UK please see here (Price Guide).



Once you have done the first step which is filling out the form and the second step which is the payment, we will send you a confirmation email and assign your phlebotomists to you. Everytime two experienced phlebotomist will be assigned. (one primary and one backup). They will be on call for you 24/7 since labour can be very unpredictable.

Your primary phlebotomist will call you no later than 24 hrs after receiving your details to introduce themselves.

Once labour starts, you will need to notify and alert your primary phlebotomist. (or backup if primary phlebotomist is not available) . They would then get to hospital when the birth is eminent.

You should keep your phlebotomist updated about your cervical dilations. you will get such information from your midwife when you are at hospital. This information is vital for the phlebotomist to acertain the best time for attending you at the hospital. The phlebotomists normally won't leave for the hospital until they have made sure birth is eminent.

i.e. when the client reaches 8-9 centimeter of cervical dilation.

At this time the phlebotomist will remain with you until you have safely given birth to your baby. Right after the birth of your baby comes the placenta. our phlebotomist will get access to the placenta and perform the cord blood collection.

if requiered , cord tissue would also be collected by cutting about 15cm of the cord and placing it into a saline solution inside a canister. this samples would then get shipped to your cell bank's lab for processing.

for further information about the procedure please visit our FAQ page which contains the majority of the common questions that we are asked. alternatively you can always get in touch with us 24 hours a day. Contact us

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